Dubai Eat The World | Dubai Food Festival | Street Food in Dubai

11 April 2017

Dubai… Food Festival (Eat The World) I have had the chance to travel different continences of the world. America, Far East, many places in Europe and Africa. These travels made me live for travelling, trying different tastes and discovering new cultures. The most significant thing I discovered about myself was that travelling feeds my soul, I can’t stop wondering, the more I see the more I want to see, I want storks to be my kites, I want to see…

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TOKYO… Japanese Culture

Hi everyone! Today I’d like to tell you my Tokyo trip. I needed to visit the city for business purpose and had some free time for sightseeing too. Japan was always my dream and finally the dream came true. Japanese culture effected me deeply.…

13 February 2017

YEREVAN Armenia For Beginners

Armenia: Every city has some symbols in tourists’ eyes. Those symbols also form cities’ silhouettes. For instance, for many, Paris means Eiffel, Louvre, Notre Damme and Sacre Coeur cathedrals or when we say Rome we first think about Coloseum, Fountain of Love (Trevi Fountain)…

7 February 2017

Prague: One-Night Stand…

Prague: “Beauty is a relative concept… “. While visiting the streets of Prague, mainly in local people, including so many beautiful people from all over the world-women and men without saying-you can see that by the way, I’m framing, it’s misunderstood-noticing your perception is…

29 December 2016

PRAGUE: Living the City

Prague:  read this news recently, about 700 kids from Istanbul seeing Bosphorus for the first time ever in their lives. Is it sad? Yes. Is it surprising? Well, it is probably not a situation to be seen only in Istanbul. There must me loads…

27 December 2016

KRAKOW… Away From Crazy Crowd

Krakow was added last in our Central Europe tour consisted of Warsaw; Prague and Venice, just like our friend Onur. Actually, the first destination of the tour was Warsaw, but I will give the responsibility to tell the capital’s story to someone else and…

26 December 2016